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…and then something happened…

Recap.  My wife Beth and I are going to the Dominican Republic on 28 January for a short-term missions trip.  I am not eager to go, so bunches of anxiety about the trip.  I was looking for an easy week this week to reflect, pray, settle in.  Nope, it was not “meant…to be.”  First on Friday my boss (who is a terrific boss, BTW), handed me a project due ASAP that I would need a month to do the way I would like but due in a week.  Later that day we had to reschedule a dinner date with friends of ours, as I got a reaction to the shots mandated for the D.R. trip.  Saturday I learned that a business proposition fell through that I was really hoping would work out (pretty much wrecked Saturday).

Sunday, I was pretty much nuked on Facebook over a post that I considered a throwaway, not intended to be controversial.  It got to the point that an acquaintance from high school insulted me in a hit and run and immediately unfriended me.  No chance for dialogue, no attempt to reach out.  Clearly I’m better off, as he is a hugely negative person, bitter and sarcastic.  Sad for him, but it’s his choice, not mine.

Monday, I thought the weekend over, things will smooth out.  Think again, Clark.  An all day training and a messy (really messy) situation at work battered me emotionally and took all my time, so I had no time to work on the big project.  Tuesday I had to schedule a time to meet my sister for a doctor’s appointment at a heart/lung surgeon.  She is fifteen years older than I, and mentally handicapped.  Both our parents are gone (our mother recently so), and my wife and I are all she has.  About a month ago when the appointment was set, the referring doctor told us that we needed to meet with the new doctor to “understand JoAnne’s options.”  She is a cancer survivor, and recently had a lung biopsy.  For a month I have wondered if JoAnne would soon be gone, leaving me alone, family wise.

At the doctor appointment yesterday, we all got there at 10:15 as scheduled, and after sitting for 45 minutes were told that the doctor was running late.  After another half hour, we were shown into the examining room, and twenty minutes later the doctor came in to tell us that JoAnne shouldn’t have been scheduled to meet with him until after being seen at the Cancer Center.  What?!?? Are you kidding me??  Prior to leaving I let my feelings be known.  I didn’t blast this doctor’s office, but I highly suggested that they talk to the referring doctor’s office to find out why the referring doctor had messed up so badly.

Fantastic.  On the way back to work, I stopped at the Verizon store as I have had problems with both my work phone and my personal phone.  It was determined that the best option was a hard re-set on both phones, so that is what was done.  I lost all my apps, my ringtones, how I had the phones set up, and on and on.  So now I have to also repair that.  And yesterday evening, our oldest daughter came home for the night (not uncommon or unexpected) and promptly came down with the flu.  And we are to leave for the D.R. on Saturday!  And there is about a zero chance that Beth or I or both will not come down with this thing.

Come on!!!  At least in the NFL they get called for piling on!

Believe me, I had absolutely nothing left.

And then something happened.

I’m not entirely sure what it was.  I met with a counsellor yesterday afternoon, and discussed all the above.  I read a friend’s comment on one of my earlier blog posts which contained multiple scripture verses, many of which spoke to me.  Three friends reached out to either apologize if they had contributed to this, or to see if I was ok.  My wife has been fervently praying for me (and I assume several others have been praying as well), and Beth and I had a very nice evening together.

Whatever it is, I remember at some point almost laughing.  I talked to Beth and told her what I found amusing.  All of this stuff piling on has made me almost look forward to this “stupid” trip to the D.R.  (Can we please go now??  Can we just leave???)  Funny.

I woke up today feeling ok.  Jazzed, energized, and ready to hit the treadmill.  First time in a long time.  Good to go.  I am not going to say, “Bring it on,” because I’m just superstitious enough to think that might just happen, but for now, for today, I’m ready to go.

Proverbs 3.5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  It is enough.


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