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So far so good…

Some time ago, a man fell off the Empire State Building.  As he was falling past each floor, people heard him say, “So far so good…so far so good…”

We arrived here in the D.R. Saturday night. Good flight, no problems, kinda late, but not terribly so.  Sunday was kind of a prep day and today was the first day we actually went into the field to “do stuff.”  I was still a bit anxious yesterday trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Finally settled on working with the Medical team. They needed someone to do crowd control, and I pretty much jumped on that like the proverbial duck on a junebug.

I feel like I did some good. Nothing earth shattering, nothing life altering. But today was fine. So far so good…so far so good…


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5 thoughts on “So far so good…

  1. Barb Z. on said:

    God be praised….and YAHOO!!!

  2. Today I think “Yahoo” is a good word. May God be praised!!!

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