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Thank you, Father.

I think it was probably clear that God did a great work in me during our recent week-long mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Unbelievable, awesome, needed, wonderful. But then we come back to the “real world,” with all its distractions, troubles, irritations, frustrations, and on and on.

The past couple of weeks have been good, but not necessarily easy.  I have been reconnected to God in a way that I haven’t been in years.  But the tendency, I think, is to fall into accustomed patterns, familiar habits.  Kind if like slipping into a comfortable pair of boots that you’ve worn forever.  But sometimes, even though they’re comfie, they are useless, practically speaking. They are no longer waterproof, and maybe not even eater resistant. They have holes in them, no tread, and can only be held together with duct tape.

We had planned this trip last fall, but my mother began her final adventure here on earth, and Beth and I had to postpone this trip.  At the time we were a bit frustrated.  We needed that time for major decompression, just to regain some strength to continue.

But isn’t God’s timing amazing?

We came down to Black Bear Cabins Thursday evening and will be leaving tomorrow, Sunday morning. Although I gave a good attempt, I cannot tell you how much we were looking forward to it. The solitude, quiet, woods, winter, everything. In that, we were not disappointed. The cool thing is that it has been more than we expected.

Yesterday was a day of introspection for me. Beth notices and remarked that I was “reflective.” Good word. I had a song running through my head all day. It was Kari Job’s “We Are.

Kari Jobe sings “We Are:” http://youtu.be/f0vKeICJBMI

I’m not sure why, but it just kept playing over and over in my mind. And it was great to reflect upon.

Today, the song in my head is Sidewalk Prophets‘ “You Love me Anyway.”

Sidewalk Prophets, “You Love me Anyway:” http://youtu.be/f0vKeICJBMI

The emphasis here is on “How You love me.” And that is sweet water, pure music, balm to the soul.

God used the D.R. as a foundation to bring me back closer to Him; a huge rocket engine to gain liftoff. This weekend has been a booster to keep me from falling back to earth, to keep my trajectory toward the heavens.

I am refreshed. I am renewed. And I am in love with my King.


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